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Parent Involvement Coordinator

Jennifer Page


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Parent Involvement Committee Members

Jennifer Page - Coordinator

Jennifer Page- President

Candice Mitchell- Vice President

Samantha Browning – 5th Grade Representative

Amber Willis - 4th Grade Representative

Margrett Howard - 3rd Grade Representative

Terri Stanley - 2nd Grade Representative

Molly Bowman- 1st Grade Representative

Liz Eason - Kindergarten Representative


  1. List various communication strategies used in your school to provide additional information to parents and to increase parental involvement in supporting classroom instruction.
  • The school sends a quarterly magnet letter highlighting school wide events and information. – Shaundala Summers - 870-774-9691
  • All classroom teachers were provided with parent-teacher communicator agendas to inform parents of events/ progress weekly. - Principal DeMarcus Green - 870-774-9691
  • Previous to any major campus wide event flyers are sent out with detailed information. - Laurel Martin – 870-774-9691
  • All classroom teachers maintain an up to date communication log. (phone log) DeMarcus Green 870 774 9691
  • Report cards are sent out quarterly. DeMarcus Green 870 774 9691
  • Parent Conferences are held each quarter. October 9th, November 12th, February 19th, and April 1st.
  • Campus sponsors an annual Fall Festival for family fun. Jennifer Page - 870-774-9691
  • Teachers have web pages with classroom news/information. DeMarcus Green - 870-774-9691
  • The school has a Facebook page to inform parents, to highlight current events, and to provide a calendar of upcoming activities. Jennifer Page - 870-774-9691
  • The school will utilize the call out system to notify parents of important events, academic check points and important target dates. DeMarcus Green - 870-774-9691

These meetings will include parent training sessions to help parents understand how to enhance their child’s education.

  • These meetings will include a series of family reading nights that provide an opportunity for parent and their child to experience the school situation in a positive and helpful manner while school staff may provide any needed assistance or encouragement.
  • The meetings will be held at various times during the day or evening to better accommodate parents.
  • Outside speakers will provide parents with more information concerning ways to make their child’s academic life more successful.
  • The school will hold an orientation for parents at each grade level to inform them about the school’s participation in the Title I program and to encourage parents to be involved with reviewing and revising of the School’s Title I Plan.
  • Teachers will hold conferences individually with parents of children in their classrooms.  Parents will be given a summary of the student’s test scores and an explanation of the interventions teachers are using to assist the child in reaching achievement goals.  Parents will be asked to engage in discussion of how they can support these efforts.  Parents will also be given suggestions for coordinating school-parent efforts and explanations of homework and grading procedures.
  • The school will offer parents a special workshop each year to provide an explanation of the statewide assessment system, standards, and other accountability measures.
  • The school will encourage parents in the following types of roles and activities to increase their involvement and support for student learning:
    • Library assistant
    • Reading buddy
    • Mentor
    • Teacher assistant
    • Tutor
    • Special parent lunches
    • Book fair helpers
    • Grandparents Day
    • Awards day presentation
    • Field day volunteers
    • Family reading night
    • Parent education workshops
    • Orientation presentations
    • Open House
    • Parent-school organization
    • Red Ribbon week
    • Choir concerts
    • D.A.R.E. graduation
    • Various committees

2. List the proposed parent meeting, conferences and activities regularly throughout this year and the dates providing flexible meeting times that you have planned to increase parental involvement and build staff and parent capacity to engage in these types of efforts. (Must include the 2 state mandated parent/teacher conferences each year.)

  • Meet the Teacher - August 9, 2018 (Sign In Sheets available with Ms. Shaundala Summers)
  • Parent - Teacher Conferences from 4:00-7:00  on the following dates:  
    1. November 12th
    2. April 1st
  • Parent - Teacher Conferences from 1:00-7:00  on the following dates:  
    1. October 9th
    2. February 19th
  • Events Include
    1. Meet the Teacher Night DeMarcus Green
    2. Fall Festival Jennifer Page
    3. Thanksgiving Luncheon Jennifer Page
    4. Class Christmas Party DeMarcus Green
    5. 2 Parent Conferences September 26th and February 13th  DeMarcus Green
    6. Grade Level Music Programs Kay Shirley
    7. Field Day Denise Ward
    8. Grandparents’ Day Jennifer Page
    9. Mentoring Program DeMarcus Green and Shaundala Summers

3. How will your school provide information to parents about volunteer opportunities (must include state mandated parent training)?

  • Teachers will conference individually with parents. DeMarcus Green
  • Parents are provided with information including: a summary of the student's test scores, and an explanation of the interventions, current progression, strategies for continued progression.  Parents will be asked to give feedback as to how they can support these efforts.  Jennifer Page and Shaundala Summers 870-774-9691
  • All teachers receive two hours of professional development on parental involvement and received information on how to collaborate cooperatively with parents. DeMarcus Green - 870 774 9691


4. How will your school work with parents to create a School-Parent-Compact?

  • School leadership team and staff will develop a school-parent-student compact. This compact will outline parents, school staff, and student’s responsibilities for improving student academic achievement and the means by which the school and parents will build and develop a partnership to help children achieve the state's high academic standards.  DeMarcus Green - 870-774-9691
  • All stakeholders will sign the compact. (Principal, Classroom Teacher, Student, Parent)

5. How will your school provide opportunities for parents to be involved in the development, implementation and evaluation of the school wide school improvement plan, and the Annual Title I Meeting to engage them in the decision-making processes regarding the school's Title I, Part A Program?

  • The school will involve parents on school improvement planning committees.  To support this process, the school will offer both school staff and parents training on how to contribute to this process in a meaningful way. DeMarcus Green
  • The school will ask parents to serve on the campus ACSIP committee and give feedback on how to manage school wide funds.  The school will also engage parents in decision making about the allocation of its Title I, Part A funds for parental involvement. DeMarcus Green - 870-774-9691

6. How will your school provide resources for parents?

  • Parents have full access to our parent center in which the can check out materials at any time.  Jennifer Page 870-774-9691 8:00am-4:00pm
  • Teachers send out newsletters with helpful hints, websites, and homework tips. DeMarcus Green
  • Parent packets are distributed at the beginning of the year with district/school information. Laurel Martin 870-774-9691

7. How will your school engage parents in the evaluation of your parental involvement efforts?

  • At the end of the year, parents will complete a survey. The parental involvement committee will evaluate the data. DeMarcus Green
  • Parents are encouraged to have active parts in the decision making process of the ACSIP plan. DeMarcus Green 870-774-9691

8. How will your school use the parent interest surveys to select, plan, and implement parental involvement activities that will be offered throughout the year?

  • Parent interest surveys were evaluated by the parental involvement committee of the previous year. The information/feedback given was used to plan the events for this school year. DeMarcus Green

9. When will your school plan the Annual Title I Meeting that must be conducted separately? (It CANNOT be held in conjunction with any other meetings or activities.)

  • Our annual Title I meetings will be held separate from any other meetings or activities to ensure that there is ample time to provide a description/explanation of school curriculum, information on forms of academic assessments used to measure student progress and information on proficiency level students are expected to meet. This meeting is scheduled to be held for the 2018-2019 school year on Wednesday, September 26, 2018 at 12:30pm by Principal DeMarcus Green.


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